Unfortunately, we did not take photographs of Cottonwood before we aerially treated the mesquite with a mixture of remedy and reclaim in 1995.    As with most aerial brush treatments, at first things looked fantastic, and then reality inserted itself.

    In 2002, the JA had a prescribed burn and the country really looked great as the photographs below show, but don't stop before seeing the ones below them.

Dale Smith starts with the gather
Without mesquite, this is great country Dale Smith starts with the gather
Some cedar survived the burn, but mesquite appeared dead. Even after being sprayed, the mesquite can make gathering difficult.
After the burn, one would think the mesquite should be dead, but it is coming back.   The cottonwoods for which the creek is named, survived the fire.
  Jay O'Brien prowls out a draw.
But time gives mesquite an advantage.   Below, you see it recovering.
West from the Vat gate in 2004 East from the Vat gate in 2004
We are running our Braford herd in Cottonwood and keeping replacements out of the Angus cross heifers. Starting out early to gather Wilson & Cottonwood.

Regrowth mesquite is presently too small to treat using individual plant treatment.   The problem is that the root system is extensive on mesquite that does not die and the top comes back bushy with multiple stems.   In any case, chemically treating mesquite is an endless task.

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