The elusive Moby Turk at the Swamp.

Covey riseThe Swamp is known for its high scoring whitetail; however, it also has some of the best Bob White Quail hunting in the country.

One often sees deer banging horns on a tree.   Look closely and you will see a beautiful rack on this JA mule deer.

Interior Least Tern fishing from seep ponds at the Swamp.

Teals abound in the many seep ponds on the Swamp. Startled, the teal do not have far to fly to find another seep.
Tom Rio Grande Turkey--Bill O'Brien photo Bobcat at the LIT--photo by Bill O'Brien

2006 trophy deer in front of JA headquarters (taken in 2001).

Buzzards--Waiting for all wildlife.
Antelope at the XL Ranch.  


Pigs use the quail feeders



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