Swamp White Tails

It has been ten years since this page was updated.    In reviewing the last 10 years I realize that much of the hunting at the Swamp has been more about family than about the deer.   We have sadly lost some of the family, but this is the way of life and there is joy in the memories and joy in the new life the follows.     This year's postings are joyful in we have some young hunters who harvested their first bucks on the ranch and are now grown men.   We also have a young hunters with their first harvest.   Youth hunting is as important to us as trophy hunting.


Shelbi Hayes first buck        Cousins Colton Smith and Cameron Copeland
 This buck was harvested at the very end of the year and will hopefully encourage Shelbi Hayes to return with her family, year after year.  Colton Smith and his cousin Cameron Copeland from Iowa.   Colton is David Smith's son and will hopefully top the 213 buck David harvested.
Hayden Almond Cleon and Hayden Almond
Hayden Wyrick is presently in seminary   Hayden Wyrick in 2000 with his grandfather, Cleon Almond
Hunter Trice 9th grade Riley Almond
Ninth grader Hunter Trice and his harvest Riley Wyrick harvested his first buck on the Swamp with his Great Grandfather Charlie Almond.
Cutter Hermesmeyer
Cutter Hermesmeyer hunted this deer for weeks

In 2003, a helicopter was flying over the ranch and saw a monster buck with foot long brow tines.    He went to an adjoining ranch and got their game biologist.  They found the buck and the game biologist agreed it was the largest buck he had ever seen.   Earlier in the year, Dave DeLaney, now vice president of King Ranch, saw the buck and reported the brow tines and incredible rack.

The buck became known as the Helicopter Buck.   He was hunted hard in 2003 and 2004, while he was seen, he eluded harvest.

2005 brought an incredible variety of harvest.   It is hard to believe these deer are the same species.  Most exciting is a three year old the hunters estimate will score in the 180's.   They are watching him, hoping for another 200+ in a couple of years.

Joel Bedgood finally harvested the Helicoter Buck.  At over 10 years old, he was well past his prime, but one could imagine how magnificent he must have been two or three years ago.   He still is a buck without compare and would probably have matched the 218 point buck seen below. Clyde Almond harvested this handsome atypical whitetail.  He is tremendous.
Shawn Davis went for beam length.  It is not often ones sees this incredible inside spread. What hunter wouldn't be proud of this 6 1/2 year old deer Cleon Almond harvested?  Look at the mass.
David Smith dropped this buck that scored 213 on the north end of the ranch. Shawn Davis dropped this 165 point buck in '03.
Jimmy's 10 year old 2007 buck scored 174 even with a 6" tine broken off the g3. Greg Almond with his 2007 smooth ten--at least eight years old.
Donny Davis's '03 178 point buck Available next year.
At 89, Charlie Almond still climbed to his blind. This 8 year old buck weighed 202 lbs when Charlie harvested him.
Seeing this photograph of a buck in September put Greg Almond to hunting it with a bow for three weeks once season started.

Worried that the buck would cross the fence onto a neighbor, Greg finally got out his gun and harvested him the week of Thanksgiving.    The 7 1/2 year old buck scored 182 4/8

2007 Henley Davis, David Bedgood (his buck), Clay Almond, and Sam Davis.  Kneeling is Ethan Bedgood. Clay Almond with his first deer, shot in McCormick in 2007.
Look at this spread on this 8-9 year old deer.  Riley Wyrick harvested it hunting with his great grandpa, Charlie.

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2006-a management year

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