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Griffin Hills 181This fine deer was harvested in 2015 by Brent Lane in Griffin Hills.  Scored 181.



Hayden Lepke with his 2010 deer.


Some of 2010 JA Harvest

                                                                                                                                      Steve Parker harvested this buck with a bow in October, 2010                                                 
Main frame 8 pt with 2 extra points harvested by Geary Dawson


 Hunter Lepke '09


2009 JA deer taken in March as they shed their horns.

We watched this deer try to knock of his horns for about 30 minutes


Hunting is a great opportunity to share with your kids.   Below is Tanner Collier who harvested this buck when he was eight.


Below are three deer seen near the beat up buck above.


07 deer photographed by Steve and Rainey

In the weeds in front of the house Taken in horse pasture
This impressive deer was photographed at 213 yard.   The deer is probably 30" wide Deer in Boggy

Look at the width of Galen Harvey's 07 rack--30"   

or the height of Nick Skochko's 07 rack.

Bill Ghilgia 11-28-07    Both Bill and Dick had theirs by 8:30.

Dick Klauber 11-28-07


06 Deer

Note there is another nice one just showing horns.













Ever wonder why you don't see the deer?   Look to the right.-->



Top three photos by Steve and Rainey Eytcheson.  They have brought a lot to improving our deer program.

In late January, 2006, this deer came up to laugh at the folks at headquarters. Try to find me next year!

JA offers mule deer, aoudad sheep, feral hogs and quail hunting each year.   Big game leases are available by the acre or on a day basis with room and board.   There are also limited number of whitetail deer on the ranch.   Contact Jay about hunting.

Tom Carlson with mule deer


A good day in the field


The first mule deer buck of 2005 Sometimes getting the buck out is as difficult as getting it.

Dick Clauber '00 to left and Tim Chism above with mule deer

In the Velvet in July of 2006

These 5 photos were taken in 2008 by Lisa Freeland.

Hunting at the JA includes critters known and unknown--this one captured in the wild by Ninia Ritchie



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