JA Ranch--Colorado

This ranch in the foothills of Colorado provides great summer grazing for JA yearlings.  It is managed by John Anderson who, in addition to looking after the cattle and breaking horses, has rebuilt most of the pens and fences and has made the improvements match the natural beauty.

2012 JA shipping Shipping in Colorado 2012 after a very dry year.   photo by Pam Shultz

Elk in Grass--Click here for more wildlife in Colorado photos Antelope in Colorado--Click for more

Wildlife graze the meadows with the cattle.   Elk, Antelope and deer abound.  Click on photograph for more wildlife photos.


   Scenic beauty accompanies great grazing.

JA elk 2017.    2017 John Anderson photos 2017


 2014 Big hornBig Horn have returned to the ranch in 2013-14 and to areas where previously unseenBighorn graze with cattle 2016 Bighorn range with cattle in fall of 2016



Photographs of the shipping in Colorado; wildflower quilt from Colorado

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Hunting: Colorado wildlife, Spring Turkey HuntQuail huntingmule deer & aoudad huntingelk in Colorado, Texas Wildlife; Swamp hunting, White-tailed deer.

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