Red Steagall & Crew 2003

The whole crew helps gather Boy Blackwell

For the past several years, Red Steagall and a group of men from across the country have joined the JA for spring branding.   The men arrive on Saturday and Sunday and stay the first night at the bunkhouse.  Sunday night, they move out with the wagon, manned by master cook Buck Reams.   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they help gather and brand JA calves.   Wednesday night, Red invites the families to the wagon and Buck serves a wonderful meal.  The evening is topped off with Red, Buck and others playing a few songs or reciting poetry.

All generations join together on Wednesday night.   Here Andrew Bivins joins with Dale and Clara Smith and Buck Reams in front of the fly. Buck Reams and Dick DeGuerin accompany JA Cowboys Randal Gates and Rhett Cauble.
Randal and Rhett play as Royce Carter, Ninia Ritchie, Billy Cauble, Andrew Bivins, John and Jay O'Brien listen. In previous years, Red and Buck have performed around a camp fire.
Buck Reams and Dick DeGuerin play as Red Steagall sings. Jay and John O'Brien enjoy the incredible evening.

Read "Vanishing Breed" by Red Steagall. See 2004 crew or 2005 crew.

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