Exie Irene Manahan


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Born to Emily O'Brien and Kam Manahan at 5:16 pm in Santa Fe, Exie Irene Manahan appeared two weeks late.   Emily's good friend Heather Forrester said that Emily had never been on time in her life.  Proportionately, two weeks late was about right.   


Exie was 7lbs 6.8 ounces and 20 1/4 inches long and is beautiful.   Emily had to have a caesarian, but is doing very well.   Em went home on Sunday.

What nursery?  This is MY office!  Now go away and let me work! Who says she is not perfect?

Why print me?  I couldn't have done it.   I was locked up until a few minutes ago. Dad takes charge.

The Paparatzzi covered the debut

Sukie is already shopping for Exie.    


The men in Exie's life

Holding court

Grandparents Diane and Dick Manahan take Exie on her first outing

Greatgranddad tell Exie about his mom, Exie Ethel, and sister, Hazel Exie. Aunt Jane tells Exie about trips they will take.

First night's sleep

Great grandmother Mary's eyes (note cocked eyebrow)..
Tell granddad all about it.

Grandmom and Kam with Exie

If you would cut my fingernails, I wouldn't have these scratches. This is my granddaughter.
Granddad teaches 3 week old Exie that he can fuss, too. And relax

Exie watches from her throne. A flower child at 5 weeks of age
I didn't come out of a turnip patch, where's the beef?
At eight weeks, Exie attends her first wedding with her mom. The rhythm section.

Exie entertains Tia y Tio above and gives a Mary O'Brien scowl with Tia Jane to the right.

You've got to be kidding!


Faster, faster.

Whose idea was this?
Let's get out of here, Granddad.


Greatgreatgrandmother Exie

Exie in Mexico