Early Family Reunions

Late '40's

Standing:  Maurine O'Brien, Exie O'Brien, John O'Brien, unknown, unknown, Buck Hines, unknown, unknown, Truman Hines, Betty Jane and John Satterstrom, Betty and Cecil O'Brien, unknown, Mark Oliver, unknown, Ruth Brownlee, Mr and Mrs. Bill Brownlee, unknown

Seated second row:  unknown, unknown, unknown, Lillian and Fred Brownlee, unknown, unknown, Sue Satterstrom and Hazel O'Brien Oliver, second from right

Seated first row:  unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Bill O'Brien and Sally O'Brien.

Mid 50's

Far back row:  Beade Northcut,  Leslel Vinton Gills, Velma Iona O'Brien Gills (Sis), Harrison Augusus Clements, Georgie Lillian O'Brien Clements, unknown, unknown, Joe Brownlee,, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brownlee

Standing:  Bill O'Brien, Mary and John O'Brien, Maurine and Pete O'Brien, Hazel O'Brien Oliver, Exie O'Brien, Jack O'Brien, Thelma O'Brien Northcut, George W. O'Brien, Lillian and Fred Brownlee, unknown, unknown, Aunt Bertha Hines, unknown, Mr. Brownlee (John says that this man was not related, but was named Brownlee and came to the reunions), unknown, unknown, unknown.

Seated:  Walter O'Brien, Jay O'Brien, Fay O'Brien, Sue Satterstrom, Anna Dee O'Brien,  Jeanie Clements, Becky Mae Northcut holding Rebecca Susan Maxwell, unknown, unknown, unknown, Margaret O'Brien (wife of Leslie Lynn).

1984 Palo Duro Club Grounds

1. John Satterstrom

2. Pete O'Brien

3. Vi Jo Doud

4. Maurine O'Brien

5. Leigh Ann Mitchell

6. Jay O'Brien

7. Mark Mitchell

8. Bobby Moore

9. Lisa Moore

10. Becky Wilkins

11. Cindy Doud - Holding Katie Doud

12. Katie Doud

13. Tommy Doud , Lynn O'Brien, Tom Pickens

14. Alicia Cortrite


15. Lawrence Wilson

16. Hazel O'Brien Oliver

17. Debra Pickins, John O'Brien

18. Fay Moore, Mike and Karen Brown - I could not see Mike

19. Dewey Isham

20. Marka Ann Hibbs

21. Rob Watson

22. Al Hibbs

23. Betty Jane Satterstrom

24. Sue Isham

25. Bob and Barbara Watson

26. Melanie and Nathan Hames

27. Peggy Watson

28. Patti (Watson) and Mike Taylor

29. Tod Doud

30. Camille Brown

31. Holly O'Brien

32. Carrie O'Brien

34. Jessica Wilkins

35. Shawna Mitchell

36. Taylor Moore

37. Kelli Isham

38. Michelle Isham

39. Candace Brown

40. Shelly Brown

41. Bonnie Watson

42. Wesley Wilkins



Other Family Reunions

Exie O'Brien

Will O'Brien