Town Car

    In the early eighties, I started consulting with three brothers from Florida on their cattle business, who operated as Three W Cattle Company.   They were feeding 40-50,000 cattle and I watched over the purchase and placement of the cattle.   In their first year, they wanted to spread the cattle over the nation to minimize their weather risk.   We fed a few cattle outside of Phoenix.   

    Sydney and Kenny Wolofsky decided that they wanted to go to the National Cattleman's convention in Las Vegas.    They flew first to Amarillo to see their Panhandle cattle and then to Phoenix to see those cattle before going to Vegas.   

    Arriving in Phoenix, we proceeded to the Hertz counter where there was a young, cute attendant.   Sydney was a trader and a charmer and he asked her what she had available.   She suggested something and he told her he wanted something a lot nicer.   She said she had a brand new Lincoln town car.   Sydney flirted and traded and, finally, he rented the car at a special price just for the day.   We got into the car and found that it had just 10 miles on it.

    We drove to the feedlot and they had received an unusual downpour.   The lots in Arizona were flat as rain wasn't something they often had to deal with.   The manure had run from the pens out into the roads and we talked about it as we drove around looking at the cattle.   I drove very slowly in order to keep the manure from splashing up on the outside of the car, but it did splash up on the undercarriage.

    The manager, Ed Briker, invited us to a Mexican food restaurant to eat lunch and we parked and locked the car.   When we returned, it not only was hot, but the odor from the manure that had been splashed up on the bottom permeated the inside.   We could barely stand riding in it from the restaurant to the airport.   By the time we arrived at the airport, the open windows had aired it out.

    We returned the car to the cute girl and Sydney told her the car had run delightfully.   As we left, Sydney said, "Can't you just see the next person who wants a fancy car.   She will say, 'We have a brand new Lincoln Town Car.   It's only been driven 100 miles."   They will go out and the car will have been standing in the hot sun and they will get in...

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