Nature in all its Glory

By Exie Eagan O'Brien 1964

    When twilight comes at ev'n tide and you are weary, you steal away into your garden to sit and ponder o'er the day, thinking of the many blessings you have had and enjoyed.  It is there that you will wonder at the mysteries of each little leaf and blossoms as they form upon the branches of the trees and shrubs that surround you.  This is life that comes from this good earth.

    And while we think on these things we know in due time these mysteries will unfold and each tree and shrub will come into its own by putting forth its leaves, blossoms and fruit--which tells us that summer is here with all its beauty--and that nature is wonderful as well as beautiful.

    The night with its profound beauty, the shadows, the twinkling stars, the sound of the cricket on the hearth, the croaking of the frogs and the songs of the night birds all stay in tune to make us realize that life goes on whether we wake or sleep.

    Then the summer must come to an end and the trees lose their leaves and in the darkness of the night they cast their shadows around us.

    Then all through the long winter where the snows come and the sun shine we can see the real beauty of the naked trees in day time and even more beautiful, if possible, are the shadows that come when the moon casts its golden glow through the tree tops.

    Thus we have the four season each in there turn--Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter--even so it is with man--we are born, we live and in the twilight of life we sit and remember and are thankful for the many blessings of the past. 

    Alas, what can be more beautiful than this good earth that God created.