Exie Eagan O'Brien DAR

Exie Eagan O'Brien became a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Esther McCrory Chapter, Amarillo, Texas in 1950.  

Her lineal descent was from Joseph Dameron, who assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity of Private Soldier.    Joseph Dameron was born in Virginia on February 25, 1763, and died in 1833.   Her application states:

I am the daughter of William Carroll Eagan born on 7/24/1840 at Randolph Co., Missouri, died at Greer Co., Oklahoma on 10/19/1906 and his wife Minerva Caroline Dameron born 6/4/1846 in North Carolina, died at Greer Co., Oklahoma, 8/1937, married on January 24, 1867.

The said Minerva Caroline Dameron was the child of John Jones Dameron, born in 1814, died 1864 and his wife Margaret Burton, born 1812, died in 1870.

The said George Ball Dameron was the child of Joseph Dameron, born 2/25/1748 in Virginia, died at Coswell Co., North Carolina in 1833 and his wife Sarah Ball in Virginia, died in North Carolina.

Exie O'Brien

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