Turkey Track Ranch 2016 Environmental Stewardship Award Winner

The Coble and Whittenburg families have a life long history of commitment to the land.   There is no other ranch in the Texas Panhandle with such a diverse population of wildlife.   The water development done over the last 100 years is a large part of the reason for this ranch's success.    Dale Smith and Jay O'Brien are proud to be able to participate in the stewardship of The Turkey Track Ranch and thank the National Resources Conservation Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife and US Fish and Wildlife for their expertise and help in the stewardship.      Below are some of the photos taken in connection with this award.

Gathering Yearlings
Whether addressing proper grazing for animal health and performance or habitat for wildlife, stewardship is the goal.  
Another Panhandle morning  
Rio Grande Turkeys
Jay O'Brien & Dale Smith
check dams stop erosion
Dale Smith

Handling cattle gently is key--we are stewards of livestock as well as land.  

Joshua McLendon (intern from University of Florida), Ransom Brownlee, Dale Smith, Vance Brownlee, Drestyn Bell, Josh Hawkins